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Stock 8 2019

GENERAL - tech man has right to check this every week
· No nitrous or traction control
· cars must be neat in appearance
· Renegade must weigh 3200 pounds with driver after race
Stock 8 Must weigh 3300 pounds with driver after race
· 8" wheels max .25" tolerance - 14 or 15" - must be same size all the way around
· tires - hoosier H500 or 8" towel city racing recap but must punch minimum 50. Can
run one M500.
· may run beadlocks but must face outside
· may run offset rims and wheel spacers
· brake adjusters ok
· dual master cylinders ok
· racing pedal assemblies ok
· oem brake calipers only - doesn’t have to match year and model - NO ALUMINUM
· headers are legal
· fuel cell must be mounted inside of trunk with firewall between driver and fuel cell
· seat must be securely fastened to frame and/or roll cage
· track fuel only - must pass track test
· cars must have number on sides and top and able to be read by score tower
· stock unless other wise stated

BODY - visual protest only
· stock unless otherwise stated
· 1968 or newer American made car
· no station wagons, trucks, jeeps, convertibles, mustangs, or pony cars
· rear of car must be closed - no holes or flaps
· must have a deck lid - after market or home made is ok
· aluminum doors and fenders are ok
· may make front fenders and rear fenders
· cannot exceed 48" from ground to the top of the rear spoiler
· may run any replacement roof - must be 48" X 50" - Don't do anything crazy
· 13" minimum door and rear glass opening
· may run a 6" maximum height spoiler and may run a small bracket to support but may not exceed past quarter panel - non-adjustable
· interior can be boxed in
· front and rear bumpers - rubber nose ok
· breather must be boxed in on all 4 corners and cannot pertrude through firewall / no forced air - air box ok
· front inside wheel wells can be cut or removed
· all firewall holes must be covered
· may replace firewall with steel sheet metal (does not have go go all the way across)
· may replace floor pan under driver with steel sheet metal 16 gauge or 18 gauge
· may replace dash with sheet metal - interior metal cannot be higher than dash
· may use lexan in rear side windows
· bumper cannot exceed past the inside of the rear tire or must run a bumper cover
· may run side spoilers 12" long by 6" in height
· #1 spark plug cannot be further back than left front ball joint

· frame must match make and model of car - 1" tolerance +/- allowed
· no shortening of frame - must be stock - X-bracing ok
· length between spring eyes must be stock
· stock wheelbase for make and model
· fords may run perimeter framed chasis with unified body - frame must have stock dimension with no alterations for year model claimed
· radiator must be in stock position within reason
· can run 30" square tubing from rear bumper - length between eyes must be stock

· any oem stock size engine with flat top pistons - max size 362
· no big blocks
· stock blocks only
· 350 c.i. plus .060 over bore - can use flat top 2 valve relief pistons
· 2 eye brows legal
· stock type fuel pump
· no vacuum systems of any type
· must be mounted in original location
· any 5.7 i-beam steel rod - no aluminum or titanium - no grinding or lightening
· if other than a chevrolet 350 engine - must run stock length rods for the motor
· no small journal rods (2.000") in a 350 engine
· externally balanced motors must remain externally balanced
· any stock appearing crankshaft
· may use 305 crank with a 350
· no knife edging to a single point or lightening, etc
· steel crank must weigh 50 lbs
· cast crank must weigh 48 lbs
· no stroking or destroking
· for balancing purposes the counter weights may be turned - must maintain 1.950 for steel and 1.750 for cast or may drill
· scat #910442 or #910526
· eagle
· gm crower steel crank #ps-95121
· scat #4-350-3480-5700 - no mallory
· eagle #435034805700 - no mallory
· journals may be turned no more than .060"
· may add mallory to stock gm crank
· racing oil pan is ok - no kick outs in the front of the oil pan
· no dry sumps allowed
· any timing chain - no belt or gear drives
· any oem chevy or ford cast block straps or spayed caps ok

· any oem head except for 461x, 492 castings
· may run dart head part #10024266
· cannont alter anything on the dart heads other than the following:
· 55 cc min chamber volume
· any stainless valve - no titanium keepers, retainers or anything
· may run competition valve job, any depth, any angle. All angles must be concentric with guide and may not go below guide boss.
· any valve spring and steel retainers and keepers only - stud mounted rocker arms only
· intake runner and chamber volume will be checked at head protest
· intake runner volume may not exceed 179 cc
· ford may run dart head part #13310080
· 59 cc min chamber volume on Ford Head
· max valve size 1.94 intake valve and 1.6 exhaust valve on Ford Head
· no vortec heads or angle flowed heads
· stock type and size valves and springs only
· bee hive valve springs ok but must be stock size which is .280
· screw in studs and guide plates 3/8 or 7/16 roller rockers ok
· stud girdles ok
· any steel retainer
· no hand blending
· no porting or polishing
· steel valves only - step down ok
· stock stem diameter
· bowl cut to top of guide boss ok
· no hand blending
· chevrolet max valve size - 2.02 intake and 1.60 exhaust
· valve cover breather allowed

· stock cast iron
· no porting or polishing
· no holley pattern factory intakes
· ford engines may run Edelbrock RPM Intake #Edl-7181
· bowtie ok on a 350
· no adaptor plates on a bowtie
· chevy may run edelbrock performer rpm - part # 7101

· quadrojet.
· no modifications except choke flap removal
· no removal of choke horn
· may run holley 600 cfm #1850 carb on a 350 eng.
· has to be stock appearing on outside with stock tube and float bowl
· must have air horn with number
· adapter plate mr. gasket #1932 only 3/4" thick
· may run the 1/4" thick Q-jet gasket
· may run a box stock 650 holley #4777
· may use a 1" max thickness adapter if using holley carb on Q-jet intake with (2) .070"
max thickness gaskets only.
· no adaptor plates on a bowtie

· any solid or hydraulic cam
· maximum .425 lift at valve with .025 lash
· no swapping of any lobes - must be in stock order

· stock type flywheel - 14 lbs. minimum
· stock type clutch and pressure plate - minimum 10.4" and 12.5 pounds. Aftermarket ok
· must be steel pressure plate
· may run solid clutch disk

· must be stock with all working forward and reverse gears
· no automatic transmissions , no power Glide
· no lightening of gears
· 3 or 4 speed cast iron transmission
· straight drive trans. cars must have blow proof bell housing or scatter shield of 1/8 steel
· may use hydraulic clutch

· may run 2" driveshaft
· no carbon fiber
· a "U" or square type safety loop on front of drive shaft assembly is required

· stock type ignition
· stock type distributor only
· no altering firing order
· brass gear is legal
· no msd with boxes

· gm 10 or 12 bolt rearend
· 9" ford or floater ok
· shocks have to be in stock location - may move for travel only - no angle change
· may run after market axles
· any gear ratio allowed
· locked or limited slip rear ends allowed
· full spools ok
· gun drilled axels ok
· must have steel calipers
· components must be made of steel or aluminum
· hog head and third member housing must be steel or cast
· disc brakes ok - doesn't have to match model of car
· can cut top of trailing arms for pinion angle
· aluminum hubs ok

· no adjustable blocks
· tube type a-arm on top only ok - non adjustable - any ball joint on top and stock on bottom
· can use heavy duty OEM steering and suspension parts
· leaf or coil springs can be changed to stronger leaf or coils of the same type
· cutting of coil spring allowed - rear shims on coils are ok
· adjustable or non adjustable spring buckets ok
· shocks must be in stock location - may move for travel only - no angle change
· lowering blocks ok
· adjustable buckets in rear ok or screw jacks - no outboard shocks
· all hook up points on chasis must be in stock location
· rear shock location must be stock on top and can be moved on bottom for travel length only
· cannot change angle of rear shock
· no screw in ball joints on bottom
· after market bushing in a-frames and trailing arms ok but may not swivel
· heim joints allowed on bottom of rear shocks only
· may run any stock body racing shock - pro ta's are ok
· leaf spring cars can run shackles

1. All lead must be secured with bolts and/or metal clamps. Duct tape or zip ties are not acceptable.
2. 25 lb. weight break for Hans, or containment seat or both. (25 lb max.)
3. Must have working fire extinguisher in car.

· protest bottom - $600
· protest any 3 items - $300
· acceptance fee - $100
· track keeps $100
· transmission protest - $400 - Person being protested has the option to have transmission torn down by track approved transmission builder or sale for $400
· could be required to add weight to cars from other track who normally do not race at Travelers Rest speedway to adjust to the rules.
· Tech man has final say
-Looking for small or unimportant errors or faults will not be tolerated or allowed. We are aware that this rule book may not cover every situation or issue. Officials have final say on ALL protested or claimed item issues.
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