Travelers Rest Speedway

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Nov15 and 16

3rd Annual TBC

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Race Schedule

2019 TR Speedway Schedule
*schedule is tentative and subject to change
*regular divisions are Pure Stock, SECA Thunder Bomber, Renegade 8, Extreme4
FWD (Stock), SECA Crate Sportsman, Thunder Bomber Futures
*Weekly divisions competing for points Extreme 4 FWD (stock), SECA Thunder
Bomber, Pure Stock, Renegade 8, Crate Sportsman, 602s
* Points start March 22nd ends Ocotber 1st

The Main Events for TBC have been moved to November 15th and 16th. If you had already purchased a 2 day or weekend pass, we will honor them for this make up date. Make sure you keep them in a safe spot.

No band, then you will have to purchase another one.

More Updates for this race day to come but mark your calendars.

Thunder Bomber $5000 to win
Limited Sportsman $2500 to win
Renegade 8/ Crate Sportsman $4,00 to win

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